“Fabulous, Robyn! This is what you were born to do. You opened up my life in so many new directions. Thank you again for a wonderful call. I feel alive!”
-Laura Landers Duke, Tennessee, USA 

Robyn has helped change and shape my life in so many wonderful ways. Our paths crossed when I was invited to one of her spirit circles through a mutual friend. There I saw how her magic and truth manifested and spread with beautiful energy to all those around her. This meeting and the words she said struck  a cord in me. I began to host spirit circles during her visits to New York so my friends who had heard me sing her praises over and over again were able to meet her in person. It was through these gatherings that Robyn helped me realize my greater purpose in life as well as an ability to shift my perspective, to partake in life with new vigor and joy.

I began mentoring with her, learning tools and techniques. This “metaphysical toolkit” helped me navigate each day with wonder, seeing, feeling and experiencing things that I didn’t realize were there until she helped move aside the veil. Robyn has allowed me to deepen my own practice in meditation as well as healing work and I have seen her lessons flow through me and waken those in my path. I feel a greater sense of being through my time with her. She is the real deal, a true psychic beauty, my spirit mama and I only hope that as many people as possible can receive the wonderful gifts that Robyn has bestowed upon me. If you are unsure, Robyn will help guide you down your path.
– Linzi Silverman, New York, USA

“Robyn has a compassionate and giving heart, and a warm demeanor which makes it easy to relax and be yourself around her. She listens without judgment and reconnects me to my higher self, as well as gives insights into how I can make my life easier. She is sincere, caring, and supportive. I have loved participating in her Spirit Circles and have benefitted from her intuitive guidance and personal readings. She brings messages of peace and wisdom, and truly is here to serve and help.”
– Theresa Lo, California, USA


The Goddess Circles have become one of the most beautiful parts of my life – a safe space to share and mutually support other women on their own spiritual journeys. The themes we explore and the guided meditations have transformed the way I see myself in such a positive way.

Robyn’s channeled messages provide clarity and hope and help me on my path, and are delivered in Robyn’s light and lovely way. And the Goddess Circles have helped me dream bigger dreams. I’m *SO*, so grateful for this wonderful, intimate community!
– Alisa Tantraphol, California, USA


Thank you again for sharing the most special gift that anyone could give my family at this time! After our session, I found the figurine you spoke of: the boy carrying something on his back. As you said, he was on the top corner of a bookshelf, in a glass case. My mom always said this was the first collectible she spent a lot of money on. She bought it in Germany and had always told me to never get rid of him.

Also, I love how you and Mom were set on the gold necklace with rubies. Late last night I found it, in a box with a note that read “My good gold ruby necklace, very expensive.” I can’t believe I forgot about this necklace, she wore all the time in years prior…..Thank you Robyn!!!”
-Laura Sundquist, California, USA  {Mediumship Session}


Robyn is truly gifted. She is not only a mediator between you and your guides but she also knows how to intuitively deliver the messages. Robyn has helped me to unlock a major blockage from my past that has been holding me back most of my life. Since my reading with Robyn, I have such a sense of freedom. I no longer live in my past. The changes that have happened in my life since my reading have been astounding! I can’t wait to see what Robyn and my guides have in store for me next!”
-Antonella Annibale, San Diego, California, USA
My Inspired Guidance session with Robyn Hessinger was beyond amazing! She has a real gift and I got so much out of the session. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for renewed inspiration, clarity, and spiritual connection in your life. It is worth far more than what she charges, as the insights I gained from it will stay with me and impact my life positively.”

– Shannon Jones, Switzerland


“Wow. I received the most awesome intuitive reading from Robyn. She connected with at least 7 different events in my life going on now and from my past, some challenging for me. Her connection and received messages were VERY accurate. One of the best parts was the homework and guidance she gave me to address what we talked about. I highly recommend Robyn as an intuitive counselor and medium.
-Gary Paul Frese, Your Angels Guidance, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 


Robyn is an inspired and gifted clairvoyant and healer and a compassionate and caring person. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her and working together for over four years. I’m so impressed by the accuracy of her readings. In my recent reading with her she told me that I would ‘get an offer to purchase my house in a matter of days.’  The next day a woman called to view my home and two days later she made an offer.”
-Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD, ROHP, DNM, Canada